Untitled (Faultless), 2018

White Picket Fence, Cinder Block, Leaf Blower, 1970 Washington DC telephone book, 1930s Baseball

Situated on top of a leaf blower, a c.1930s baseball inscribed with “Faultless”, spins and seemingly levitates 6 inches in the air in front of a white picket fence. This kinetic piece juxtaposes a ubiquitous gardening staple of suburban homes with an icon of traditional American culture.


Untitled (Follow The Leader), 2018

Ikea Wooden Chair, White Roses, Motor, Electronics

This piece consists of a wooden chair endlessly rotating atop a bed of white roses. Evoking a subversive yet macabre scene, this piece questions the permanence and futile nature of an inanimate object through personification. Over the course of an exhibition.


Untitled (Everything that Was, Is and Will Be), 2018

Woolly Mammoth Ulna Bone, Traffic Light, Dirt, Virginia Creeper Vines

Comprised of a 40,000 year old woolly mammoth’s ulna bone, a live traffic light and a tangle of Virginia Creeper vines, this piece functions as an inquiry into our understanding of time. Referencing the past (bone), present (light) and future (vines) this piece combines all 3 references into a singular non-linear narrative.